Sep 032014

This metre-square black (recycled) plastic planter box was on sale at the local nursery; at home there were several bags of vegetable-potting mix stacked in the shed. An hour later — voila, a new vegie patch in my north-facing back yard.

My new vegie (and rose) patch.

My new vegie (and rose) patch.

At the front are two truss tomatoes and a Hot Chocolate floribunda rose that’s been sitting in a pot on the verandah for more than a year (so slightly the worse for wear).

Centre left and right are Lowanna strawberry plants and two clumps of green peas.

Across the back there’s a row of sweet corn seedlings alternating with Golden Prominence F1 sunflower seeds (which haven’t yet sprouted).

The ceramic toadstools in the centre were a gift from my sister, several years ago.


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