Two hours of garden maintenance

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Oct 052014

A gorgeous spring Sunday.

Planted three Echium Pininana ‘White Tower’ seedlings in the driveway garden bed, at the street end, to fill a gap where Lawnmower Man has whippersnippered several thymes and a Dianetes grass bush into oblivion.

Echium - Snow Tower

Echium – Snow Tower

Tidied up the vegie patch and spoke encouragingly to the sunflower seedlings, which are around 10 cm high now. The corn and peas are thriving (pea pods already appearing!) and the strawberries are starting to set small fruits. The tomatoes have added about 20 cm in height since they were planted.

Planted three Alcea rosea var nigra “The Watchman” (black hollyhocks) near the birdbath.

Alcea rosea var nigra "The Watchman" (black hollyhock)

Alcea rosea var nigra “The Watchman” (black hollyhock)

Drained, rinsed and refilled the water lily bowl, and moved it out of the shade of next door’s big old eucalypt. It’s now sitting at the sunnier western end of the back verandah.

Finally, I repotted the cymbidium orchids. They’re not going to flower this year and were looking a bit pale and strappy in their sheltered spot at the side of the carport. Have moved these, too, onto the sunny end of the back verandah, having taken the precaution of double-potting them to help keep the roots cool.