You’re never alone at Christmas

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Dec 232012

You might not be there physically, but TheBloggess reminds us that you’re always present in the hearts and minds of the people who love you — even those you haven’t yet met.

Tim Minchin’s song “White Wine in the Sun” sums it up. (Can’t see the video below? Watch it on YouTube instead.)

Here’s to you, dear friends. [tilts a glass of cold sparkling shiraz] And here’s to a preposterous new year for us all. Wassail!

New road rules

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Jan 212012

We are indebted to Mr J Clarke for drawing our attention to several new governance requirements for operating motorised vehicles on public thoroughfares.

“If driving a brand new car, the way to indicate you are turning right is to sound the horn and turn the windscreen wipers on very rapidly. If turning left, activate the hazard lights, pop the petrol cap open and squirt some water on the back window.”

TheBlog has moved

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Mar 082011

A software update went awry today, so I took the opportunity to relocate SneedleFlipsockTheBlog to its own subdomain.

Old links should lead to the new home page at

New posts will appear here shortly. Selected posts from the past will eventually migrate to here or elsewhere in the Flipsock realm.