Medieval mummery is the latest in home entertainment

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Jan 222012
Detail of an illustration from a medieval manuscript held by the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Detail of illustration from Bodleian Alexander (MS Bodl. 264), an early 14th century manuscript. Borrowed from Got Medieval.

After he so kindly threw a hat-tip in my direction, may I please direct you to Got Medieval’s post about an amusing video.****

See the gold details in the image above? There, on the lute, on the deer’s head and antlers and in the vine leaves underfoot. Often scans of old documents reproduce such details as a muddy mustardy yellow color. My colleagues in the Melbourne Uni Digitisation Centre are experts at making the gold bits look properly metallic in their high-res scans. We’re very proudĀ  :-)

**** And, in answer to Carl’s comment at Got Medieval, yes I am foreign. Depending on which continent you are currently standing in.