Bathroom basin

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Feb 252013
Crystal wall-mounted basin by Parisi

The lovely Michael at Advanced Doorware and Bathroomware is a model of efficiency. I emailed him last weekend about getting hold of a Parisi ‘Crystal’ wall-mounted basin, and voila, this weekend I was able to collect it from his showroom.

Crystal wall-mounted basin by Parisi

Crystal wall-mounted basin by Parisi

The basin is designed to be wall-mounted, although the picture above shows it sitting above a benchtop.

All the plumbing is concealed behind the white ceramic box, which also provides a ledge large enough for a bottle of liquid soap.

The glass plane is curved and inclined to prevent splashing regardless of the reach, height or angle of the water outlet.

You can have a single tap-hole (for a combined mixer and spout, as shown above) or no tap-hole (for a wall-mounted tap and spout).

(The Omvivo KL basin/plane had been on my wishlist for this new bathroom, but splash potential was a bit of a problem. Omvivo recommends a water outlet with 250 mm reach and a vertical water angle. This severely limits the choice of mixer taps and/or wall outlets unless you want to put up with water splashing all over the place whenever you turn on the tap.)

Why a plane instead of a traditional basin? Well, why not? With a plane there’s no need for a plug (which would require storage and eventual replacement). The flat surface should be relatively easy to clean. A wall-mounted plane doesn’t require a vanity unit, so saves a bit of space. Plus it looks sleek and beautiful.

Two pendant lights

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Feb 112013

Dropped into Beacon Lighting this weekend and was glad I had followed that sudden impulse to turn off the highway.

The Rosetta 15-globe chandelier was on sale, discounted by about $600. It will look beautiful hanging over the black wrought-iron four-poster bed in theĀ  main bedroom.

Rosetta pendant light fitting from Beacon Lighting

Rosetta pendant light fitting from Beacon Lighting (discontinued)

It has 15 small light globes nestled among its silvery branches. The dark red half-opened-rose shapes are made of glass.

Also picked up a pendant shade in the shape of a retro cartoon-style rocket ship – cute and funky, takes a 60W globe. This will either live in the laundry or hang over my desk (wherever that ends up) as a task light.

Both designs have been discontinued, so it was a lucky day for lighting :-)

According to Wikipedia:

  • Rocket would be “A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender… a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. “
  • Rosetta, however, would be “A chandelier … a branched, decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture. Chandeliers are often ornate, using dozens of lamps and complex arrays of glass or crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light.”

A new light for the dining table

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Aug 202012

There’s no doubt the Tom Dixon-designed Beat pendant lights are gorgeous. Just look at those classic retro shapes. Then run your hands over the slightly powdery black finish, feel the weight of the metal, the luscious curves, and slide a fingertip across the brilliant bronze-colored interior. Lovely.

Beat Wide light shade by Tom Dixon

Beat Wide light shade by Tom Dixon. Click to see original.

I saw these lights in an Australian decor magazine a couple of years ago. They were shown in a modernist house in South Africa, grouped asymetrically from an extremely high ceiling over a solid timber dining table and concrete floors. Industrial chic, indeed.

These, I decided, would be my new dining-room light fittings, arranged in an asymmetrical group of four and replacing the existing 1978-vintage textured-plastic ceiling fitting.

Goup of Tom Dixon lights in a shop window

Goup of Tom Dixon lights in a shop window. Photo from Style North blog (click to see original post).

Since then the Beat family of lights has featured in many a photo shoot, usually in a kitchen or dining area. Matt Blatt and others have even produced their own lower-cost versions.

Like the birch-forest and fake-bookcase wallpapers, the Tom Dixon Beat light fittings have become an almost commonplace shorthand for a particular interior design aesthetic — in this case the lights say, “this is modern industrial decor with a nod to early Space Age sleekness.”

So I started looking for alternatives and Domayne came to the rescue. Meet my new dining-table pendant lights.

Blast pendant lights from Domayne

Blast pendant lights from Domayne

I love the 70s shapes, which suit the age of the house. The shiny colors are reminiscent of anodised aluminium drinking-cups we had for picnics when I was a kid. Stylish and fun, and about one-quarter the price of the Dixon grouping.

More information:



Please meet Tiffany

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Mar 112011
Introducing Tiffany - photo by me, CC-licensed.

Introducing Tiffany - photo by me, CC-licensed.


This is Tiffany, a black chenille-covered ‘accent’ chair built in Melbourne.

I had pretty much given up the search for the perfect armchair when, quite by chance, I happened to meet Tiffany in the clearance section at Domayne‘s Melbourne store.

Frankly it was love at first snuggle. We fit perfectly. Utterly compatible. This is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Two days later, Tiffany is now filling the front foyer of my house — she’s not a small lass. Sadly, Cedric (the green Oxford-striped sofa) will have to find a new home so that Tiffany can move into the lounge room.

Harley needed barely five seconds to decide who owns Tiffany.

Mine. Photo by me, CC-licensed.

Mine. Photo by me, CC-licensed.


Two minutes later, he was curled up and snoring.