Bathroom basin

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Feb 252013
Crystal wall-mounted basin by Parisi

The lovely Michael at Advanced Doorware and Bathroomware is a model of efficiency. I emailed him last weekend about getting hold of a Parisi ‘Crystal’ wall-mounted basin, and voila, this weekend I was able to collect it from his showroom.

Crystal wall-mounted basin by Parisi

Crystal wall-mounted basin by Parisi

The basin is designed to be wall-mounted, although the picture above shows it sitting above a benchtop.

All the plumbing is concealed behind the white ceramic box, which also provides a ledge large enough for a bottle of liquid soap.

The glass plane is curved and inclined to prevent splashing regardless of the reach, height or angle of the water outlet.

You can have a single tap-hole (for a combined mixer and spout, as shown above) or no tap-hole (for a wall-mounted tap and spout).

(The Omvivo KL basin/plane had been on my wishlist for this new bathroom, but splash potential was a bit of a problem. Omvivo recommends a water outlet with 250 mm reach and a vertical water angle. This severely limits the choice of mixer taps and/or wall outlets unless you want to put up with water splashing all over the place whenever you turn on the tap.)

Why a plane instead of a traditional basin? Well, why not? With a plane there’s no need for a plug (which would require storage and eventual replacement). The flat surface should be relatively easy to clean. A wall-mounted plane doesn’t require a vanity unit, so saves a bit of space. Plus it looks sleek and beautiful.